The Beginner’s Guide to Getting off The Ground

Booking a flight and hotel

            Whether you’re planning for an anniversary or throwing darts at a map, flying to your destination is a step-by-step process. After you have picked your point B, finding the preferred flight for your budget and passengers is the next, and probably most tedious, step. There are some websites that help you find the best flight for you:

    • This is good for finding deals to flights for capitals and well-known cities. Its only downside is that this site, along with flightdeal and faredeal, only shows flights with deals. Another positive of this site is how it also has hotel deals.
    • This website, much like secretflying, has both deals for flights and hotels.  Check often because the deals don’t last very long.  An extra feature at this site is the car rental service.  It has deals for specific cities, and a sister site below for additional cities.
    • Google flights may not always get the deal, but it does show all flights available from your location.  An important feature is the ability to allow you to select a price point, and it will show available flights.  For example, finding a $100 flight from Austin to somewhere, yields some interesting results that you may not have thought about.
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The next step to having a great vacation is where you stay. You can go to Cesamar park in Palmas, Brazil or the botanical gardens in Dubuque, Iowa, but without a place to stay it’s not quite a vacation. Here are a few ways to find places for maximizing your vacation:

    • Findhotel uses multiple websites to find the best location for you. You can add any number of filters for your specific criteria and then search four the room for you.
    • Tripadvisor is probably the most well-known site in this article, and for good reason.  Both flightdeal and faredealalert use Tripadvisor, and as for the site itself, it shows hotels, ways to find entertainment, and restaurants. One unique thing among these websites is that Tripadvisor gives annual trip insurance to protect your vacation.
    • Airbnb may not show hotels, but it does give a place to stay. There isn’t always an Airbnb location in low populated areas, but this site also shows nearby entertainment and recently added online experiences.  Staying at one of these residences allows you to engage with more of the culture of an area and experience life like a local.

As you can see, the majority of these websites have catered to the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19. Their priority is to keep you safe and sound while you enjoy your stay. Whether you’re going from coast to coast or to another continent, it’s important to stay safe and comfortable throughout your journey. We wish you the best. Happy travels!


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