Fall Basics You Should Have in Your Closet

Fall Basics You Should Have in Your Closet

Although many children, including my youngest two, have already returned to school, next weekend marks the end of Summer vacation. Labor Day will be the last time most community pools will be open, until Memorial Day weekend. And if you live in the Midwest, where I grew up, the weather seems to get colder overnight, signaling the arrival of Fall. Fall brings so many wonderful fashion opportunities and I’d love to share some of my favorites with you.

A few tops that I think everyone should have in their closet are a basic t-shirt, a sweater (pullover and cardigan), a hoodie, and a blazer. The best thing about Fall fashion is the ability to layer.

I LOVE this jeans and bootie combo!

Jeans, a good pair of wool blend slacks, and a sweater dress are my go-to’s for comfort and style.

In addition to your everyday clothing, you need basic footwear. Fall shoes are the best. Of course, you need a comfortable sneaker, but the best thing about Fall footwear is the boots.

The black boots with a red top combination is a classic for sure.

And of course, you can’t forget about jackets and coats. We have a whole article about them.

Let us know in the comments what your favorite part of fall fashion is. What are your favorite fall basics? Oh! And let us know what you want us to write about next.

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